Putin killed not only Ukrainians but also Russians – Reznikov

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov appealed to people of Russia, in particular the wives, mothers and girlfriends of Russian soldiers and officers. Reznikov noted that in a few days of Russia’s war against Ukraine soldiers will be killed, as much as in two Chechen wars.

Comment: “We know that now boys are being drafted into the army all over Russia. That the conscripts are prepared to be overthrown without minimal combat skills. That contractors are not told where they are actually going and what awaits them. Hide your loved ones if they are dear to you. Do not send them to certain death! They will be killed from every window in every Ukrainian city, “the minister said. 

In a statement in Russian, he urged Russian citizens not to be afraid to go to the streets and demand an end to the war. Alexei Reznikov, noted that now conscious citizens of the Russian Federation still have the opportunity to change everything. The defense minister warned that “when all the Kremlin’s war crimes are revealed,” your relatives will be very grateful to you. “

He also appealed to Ukrainians, saying that for more than 40 hours “the rebuff of the Russian occupiers proved that we have the most powerful army in Europe and a fearless people.”

Source:  Radio SvobodaLink:  https://www.radiosvoboda.org/a/news-reznikov-rosiany-putin/31723735.html

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