The shelling of a kindergarten in Okhtyrka by Russian troops: there are killed and children with injuries

Russian troops fired on civilian infrastructure in the Sumy region, hitting a kindergarten in Okhtyrka. There are dead and wounded among the people who were in the building. 

This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Comment: “On February 25, in the city of Okhtyrka, two shells hit a two-story building of a kindergarten, killing a security guard, injuring a kindergarten employee and two children with shrapnel wounds. The children were hospitalized. Fortunately, there was no fire in the building, after all there could have been more victims, “the Interior Ministry said.

In addition, the Interior Ministry said that the occupiers continue to attack the city.

We will remind that earlier the Ukrainian authorities reported that plans to collect evidence concerning war crimes of Russia in the territory of Ukraine.

Source:  Radio Svoboda


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