Military, financial, humanitarian aid from Europe: Ukraine’s successes on the diplomatic front

Ukrainian diplomacy continues to work tirelessly on all fronts to protect Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens.

A new batch of Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems has already arrived in Ukraine.

· The Australian government has allocated $ 50 million for the purchase of weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

· Japan has allocated an additional $ 100 million to support Ukraine. The total amount of Japanese aid has already reached $ 200 million.

· Estonian Bolt has allocated € 1 million to help Ukraine. The company plans to allocate another € 4 million over the next two weeks.

· Greece suspends all cultural events with Russia.

· The American petroleum corporation Exxon Mobil recalls its specialists from all Russian petroleum and gas projects.

· The Danish company Moller-Maersk, which provides 20% of the world’s freight, has announced the cessation of acceptance for delivery of goods to and from Russia.

· Australia has allocated $ 25 million in humanitarian aid.

· New Zealand has allocated $ 2 million in humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

· France has already sent 33 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Two more medical planes will arrive today. Additional humanitarian aid comes from Lithuania.

Source: Babel


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