Mass arrests: Two women with five children detained in Moscow for anti-war stance

In Moscow, the Russian capital, police detained Kateryna Zavizion with two children and Olga Alter with three children the day before.

Anthropologist Oleksandra Arkhipova announced this on Facebook.

The women wanted to lay flowers at the Ukrainian embassy, ​​and the children (aged 7 to 11) drew a “No to War” poster themselves and went with them. Police detained all seven, according to «Nastoyaschee Vremya» TV channel, created by Radio «Svoboda» with the participation of «the Voice of America».

At first they were kept in a paddy wagon, then taken to the police department, where their phones were confiscated and they wanted to leave them for the night (which is illegal). The release of the children and mothers was achieved only after midnight when the lawyer arrived at the police station.

At the police station, Kateryna and Olga were threatened with deprivation of parental rights. It is not known under which specific article the administrative protocols with which the women were released were drawn up. But the protocols have been drawn up.

It should be noted that anti-war actions in Russia do not stop, but all are quickly suppressed. For example, in Yekaterinburg, places in a special detention center have run out, and new detainees will be sent to the Sverdlovsk region.

Source: Radio Svoboda


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