The UN has adopted a resolution to stop the Russian attack and withdraw troops from Ukraine

On Wednesday, March 2, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution calling on Russia to stop using force against Ukraine and withdraw all troops from our country within internationally recognized borders, including Crimea and Donbas.

This was reported on the official Twitter account of the United Nations.

The UN General Assembly condemns the decision of the Russian Federation of February 24, 2022 on a “special military operation” in Ukraine. It also calls for rapid, secure and unhindered access to humanitarian assistance to those who need it in Ukraine to protect the civilian population.

141 states voted for this demand, against 5, namely Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea. There were 35 abstentions, including China, India, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba and the CAR.

The authors of the resolution are members of the United Nations Security Council and the United States. Another 95 countries co-authored the document. The text is entitled “Aggression against Ukraine”.

Source: New Time

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