Ukraine will hand over Russian prisoners of war to their mothers if they come after them

This was announced by Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

This requires:

· Find a son in this Telegram channel;

· Or call the hotline of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on multi-channel telephones: +38 089 42-01-860; +38 089 42-010-861 or +38 089 -42-01-862;

· Or write to;

· Then, after receiving confirmation that the son is in captivity in Ukraine, the mothers of Russian soldiers have to go to Kyiv. This can only be done as follows: get to Kaliningrad or Minsk. From there by bus or taxi to the Polish border. Then it will be necessary to get to the checkpoint with Ukraine through the territory of Poland. There they will be met and brought to Kyiv, where their son will be handed over.

Source: Babel


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