Address of the President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Ukrainians with a traditional speech, where he once again emphasized the support of the fighting spirit and the losses of our enemy.

Comment: «Our army is doing everything to break the enemy completely. Almost nine thousand Russians were killed! In one week! In the Mykolaiv direction invaders have to take away the “two hundred” and “three hundred” with tens of helicopters. 19 years, 20 years … What did they see in life, apart from this invasion? But most of them remain everywhere. Ukraine does not want to be covered with military corpses. Go home. Your whole army. Tell your commanders that you want to live. Not to die. To live. The war must be stopped and peace restored as soon as possible».

Afterwards, the President signed a decree conferring the title of Hero of Ukraine on fifteen of our defenders:

Senior Lieutenant Maksym Vitaliyovych Bilokon. Posthumously. He took part in repelling the enemy’s attack during the defense of Chernihiv, destroyed the enemy’s subversive group and two enemy tanks.

Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Valeriyovych Kapichun. Posthumously. Thanks to his heroic actions, the enemy column was stopped, equipment and enemy soldiers were destroyed.

Soldier Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Lukyanovych. Posthumously. During the battle he neutralized up to three dozen units of enemy equipment. He was fatally wounded by an air strike.

Junior Sergeant Mykhailo Mykhailovych Nesolyony. Posthumously. He died in close combat with enemy forces while evacuating people.

Soldier Andriy Valeriyovych Nikonchuk. Posthumously. He protected the Kyiv HPP from Russian air raids and missile strikes.

Lieutenant Vitalii Romanoviyh Sapyl. Posthumously. Tank platoon commander. Neutralized three dozen enemy vehicles. Killed by an air strike.

Chief Sergeant Oleksiy Oleksandrovych Senyuk. Posthumously. He defended Chernihiv, destroyed two enemy IFVs and captured a T-72 tank. Killed by an air strike.

Lieutenant Vladyslav Petrovych Ukrainets. Posthumously. He covered the retreat of brothers-in-arms when the enemy attacked.

Major Stepan Ivanovych Choban. Posthumously. The pilot of the Su-27, distracted the enemy aircraft over Kropyvnytskyi.

Major Ihor Vasyliovych Mykhalchuk. Head of the tank battalion unit. Destroyed numerous enemy armored vehicles.

Colonel Serhiy Mykolayovych Musienko. Head of the Missile and Artillery Division. Inflicted devastating blows on the enemy in the Kharkiv direction.

Lieutenant Yevhen Mykhailovych Palchenko. Tank platoon commander. Covered the exit of the brigade from the encirclement.

Major Vladyslav Yuriyovych Prokopenko. Head of the tank battalion. Withdrew personnel and equipment from the encirclement without loss.

Lieutenant Colonel Pavlo Yuriyovych Fedosenko. Head of the unit of the 92nd brigade. For the effective defense of Kharkiv.

Senior Lieutenant Dmytro Petrovych Chavalakh. For heroic participation in the defense of the Kherson region.

All 40 million are like these fifteen heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!

Source: website of the President of Ukraine


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