The EU has approved a proposal by the European Commission to activate the Directive on the Temporary Protection of Ukrainian Refugees


Today, March 3, at a meeting of the European Council on Justice and Internal Affairs, the EU decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive, which will provide rapid and effective assistance to people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Comment: European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Jlwa Johansson:

“The historic decision of the Justice and Home Affairs Council right now; the EU will provide temporary protection to those fleeing the war in Ukraine. The EU is uniting to save lives.”

According to this directive, those fleeing the war will be granted a residence permit and will have access to education and the labor market for a period of one year, with the possibility of renewal.

Everyone will be able to enter the European Union, even without the necessary documents and with pets. However, a security check will be carried out.

Source: “Denʹ” newspaper 


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