Zelensky appealed to Putin

The President of Ukraine called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to sit down at the negotiating table. He addressed him during a press conference. 

Comment: “What do you want from us? Leave our land. If you do not want to leave now – sit down with me at the negotiating table. I am free. Sit with me. However, not 30 meters away, as with Macron and Scholz. I am your neighbor! I am not biting. I am a normal man, sit with me, talk. What are you afraid of? We do not threaten anyone. We are not terrorists. We do not seize banks. We do not seize other people’s lands,” the head of state said.

Source: UNIAN

Link: https://www.unian.ua/war/pidi-z-nashoji-zemli-zelenskiy-zvernuvsya-do-putina-video-novini-donbasu-11727676.html

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