Ukraine has joined the NATO Joint Cyber ​​Defense Technology Center

Representatives of the 27 sponsoring members of the Steering Committee unanimously voted in favor of accepting Ukraine as a contributor to the NATO Joint Center for Advanced Technology in Cyber ​​Defense (NATO CPT).

Ukraine has reaffirmed its interest in joining NATO as a contributor. The question of her membership was put to a vote in the Steering Committee. The center has already recruited non-NATO countries, according to the State Special Service.

Commentary: Colonel Jaak Tarien, Director, Joint NATO Center for Advanced Technology in Cyber ​​Defense

“Ukraine’s participation in the work of the Center will strengthen the exchange of cyber-experience with other participating countries. Ukraine can share valuable first-hand experience on some cybersecurity adversaries that can be used for further research, training and coaching. “

NATO’s CPT is a NATO-accredited cyber information hub, research center and body that trains cybersecurity professionals. The Tallinn-based International Military Organization focuses on interdisciplinary applied research, consultation, training and coaching in cybersecurity.

Source: New Time


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