Tbilisi International Book Festival terminates cooperation with all Russian publishers


This was announced on the Georgian Publishers and Book Distributors Association website. Besides, the festival organizers noted that even previously they had not had a Russian national stand because they had been trying to prevent the spread of Russian propaganda in Georgia. That’s why they worked exclusively with Russian independent publishers, which had separate stands. 

Commentary: Publishers Assosiation

«Looking at the horrifying situation in Ukraine today, in protest against large-scale violence by Russia on the territory of our allies and friends the team of Tbilisi International Book festival has decided to terminate cooperation with Russian publishers completely», —  the statement says.

Source: “The Day” newspaper

Link: https://day.kyiv.ua/uk/article/kultura/tbiliskyy-mizhnarodnyy-knyzhkovyy-festyval-vidmovyvsya-vid-bud-yakoyi-spivpraci-z 

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