There is danger of emission of radioactive dust at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant – Mayor of Slavutych

During the telethon, Mayor of Slavutych Yuriy Fomichev said that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is in danger of emitting radioactive dust. This threat arose because on the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Chernobyl was captured by the occupiers. As a result, radioactive dust settles on the wheels of vehicles passing through the Chornobyl zone and spreads throughout Ukraine.

Comment: Mayor of Slavutych Yuriy Fomichev

“And the shift that was, remains there today. We cannot replace people and they have been working shifts for 10 days. They have splitted in two groups.They are tired morally, physically, emotionally and this is the danger of a nuclear facility, because the staff must work stably,” Fomichev said. He noted that there is limited communication with Chornobyl NPP employees – “we are communicating with them, but currently there is no guaranteed green corridor to replace the change of station.”

Yuriy Fomichev emphasized that the situation with employees is quite critical.

Comment: Mayor of Slavutych Yuriy Fomichev

“People are fed on a limited basis, they have a limited amount of medicine and it is very difficult for them. This is real terrorism and it cannot be called otherwise. There was no such precedents in the world for the capture of nuclear facilities – nuclear power plants.” He also added that the stay on the territory of the station does not go unnoticed by the occupiers. They receive a significant dose of radiation daily. However, the Russian military does not make any demands on the station workers themselves. They do not let anyone out of the perimeter and make sure that everyone stays in their places and works. Moreover, the occupiers use Chernobyl as a corridor through which military equipment moves. 

The mayor of Slavutych stated that the fourth power unit could be damaged in case of the beginning of active hostilities. It contains unstable structures, and this can lead to the release of radioactive dust. 

Source: UNIAN


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