U.S., European allies discuss banning imports of Russian oil

The United States, along with its allies in Europe, is considering the opportunity to abandon the import of Russian oil as a further reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. US Secretary Anthony Blinken reported CNN:

“When it comes to oil, Russian oil, I did yesterday talk on the phone with the president and other Cabinet members on this issue.Now we are talking to our European partners and allies to coordinate the prospect of a ban on imports of Russian oil “.

He also added that it is necessary to make sure that in world markets, there are still the necessary volumes of oil supply. Earlier it was reported that the US administration is discussing the possibility of imposing a ban on imports of crude oil from Russia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also said that Canada intends to impose a ban on oil imports from Russia.

Source: New Time

Link: https://nv.ua/ukr/world/geopolitics/napad-rosiji-na-ukrajinu-zahid-mozhe-vidmovitisya-vid-importu-rosiyskoji-nafti-novini-ukrajini-50222747.html

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