Ukraine’s First Lady published photos of killed Ukrainian children

Commentary: «I must speak about this. There are more than 38 dead children in Ukraine already. And because of shelling of peaceful cities and villages this number may be rising right now! When they say in the Russian Federation that they aren’t fighting civilians – show them these photos! These faces of children who will never become adults. Occupants are killing Ukrainian children. Consciously and cynically. Our children», – noted Olena Zelenska.

She told the stories of a few deceased children, in particular one of Alisa from the Ukrainian city of Okhtyrka, who did not live to be 8, because she was killed during the shelling along with her grandfather who covered her with himself.

The first lady also shared the story of 18-month-old Kyrylo from Mariupol, whom his parents managed to get to the hospital under fire, but there was already nothing doctors could do; and Polina from Kyiv, who died during the shelling on the streets of the capital along with her parents and little brother, her little sister is in critical condition.

She told about 14-year-old Arsenii, whose head was hit by a fragment of a projectile, but the medics couldn’t reach him under fire, 6-year-old Sofiika, shot dead with her 1,5-month-old brother, mother and grandparents in a cat while they were trying to leave Nova Kakhovka. 

Commentary: «How many more children have to die for Russian military to stop shooting and agree to humanitarian corridors? How many more have to bleed out and starve to death for them to stop destroying civilian transport and let through humanitarian missions?», –  noted the President’s wife.

The first lady also asked NATO countries to finally close the sky from Russian aviation. 

«Save our children so that yours don’t die tomorrow!», – she stressed.


Source: Ukrinform


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