Olena Zelenska’s open letter to world media representatives

Media representatives from all around the world are asking me for interviews. I want to answer this letter to everyone at once. It’s my testimony from Ukraine.

I testify that despite the assurances of Kremlin propagandists, who call this invasion a “special operation” – it’s the killing of civilians!

The worst thing is to read about child victims. For example, eight-year-old Alice died on Okhtyrka Street. Her grandfather tried to cover her with his body. Or Polina from Kyiv, who died with her parents from the shelling. About 14-year-old Arseniy. In the once peaceful suburb of the capital, a fragment hit the boy in the head, and the ambulance could not reach him under fire.

I testify: Ukraine wants peace! But Ukraine will defend itself and never capitulate.

And what we need – close the sky! Finally, take off your white gloves. You won’t be able to maintain neutrality anyway. Because next time Putin may come to you. Close the sky, and on earth, we will handle ourselves.

Glory to Ukraine!

Source: website of the President of Ukraine

Link: https://www.president.gov.ua/news/vidkritij-list-oleni-zelenskoyi-do-predstavnikiv-svitovih-zm-73437

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