Russian terror in peaceful Sumy

On March 7, at about 11 pm, Russian troops dropped air bombs on the city of Sumy and surrounding areas.

The bombs hit residential buildings on Romenska Street. The accident destroyed and damaged the homes of civilians. There are dead and injured. Among the victims are children. As of 7 o’clock in the morning, 21 people were found dead, including 2 children.

Comment: Chairman of Sumy OVA Dmytro Zhyvytskyy

“What kind of war and what rules in general can we talk about when the Russian army kills, destroys, drops bombs on civilians? Children are dying,” Zhyvytskyy said.


In the photo: Romenska Street in Sumy after the air bombardment on the night of March 7. Eyewitness photos.

The World! Protect Ukraine !
This night russian nazis dropped a 500-kg bomb on residential building in Sumy. More 20 civilians were killed, including 2children.This boy was only 9 years old.
How many Ukrainian kids should die before West acts?

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