Threat to Ukraine’s nuclear facilities remains at the highest level 

As of March 8, Ukraine’s nuclear facilities are still under the highest threat due to actions of the Russian military. Currently there are risks not only of radiation accidents of various scales and loss of control over the radiation sources, but also unprecedented risks of a global nuclear disaster. 

Commentary: Chairman of the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine Oleh Korikov

I must state that for now, despite active initiatives of the Ukrainian side, unfortunately, none of the diplomatic efforts of the IAEA and other international partners have led to real results in reducing or eliminating military risks at Ukraine’s nuclear facilities”.

Oleh Korikov also stressed that by committing cynical and violent invasions and subsequent seizures of nuclear facilities, the Russian Federation ignores internationally recognized principles and security requirements, as well as Russia’s international obligations as a member of the UN and the IAEA. 

In addition to capturing the exclusion zone and the Chernobyl and ZNPP sites, where seven nuclear facilities are located, artillery shelling in Kharkiv destroyed the building of the regional oncology dispensary, which houses highly active radiation sources. Damage to the “Source of neutrons” nuclear research complex, loaded with 37 nuclear fuel elements, was also recorded.

Commentary:  Minister of Energy

The main task of the ongoing dialogue and previous appeals of Ukraine to the IAEA is the official recording by the international mission of the facts of the capture of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the Zaporizka nuclear power plant by the Russian military. We hope that this will become an incentive to take harsh decision regarding ensuring the security of Ukrainian nuclear energetics and, consequently, the nuclear security of Europe and the world “.

Source: “The Day”


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