War with Russia: the enemy attacked Ukrainian rescuers, 12 victims

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports that Russian troops have seized two fire and rescue units.

In addition, the occupiers fired at rescue teams. As a result, 12 people died and 24 were injured.

The SES adds that in addition to casualties, the Russians caused considerable damage to buildings, namely: 39 buildings were destroyed, 24 were damaged, and two fire and rescue units were seized.

Also due to the enemy’s attack, the number of vehicles decreased. Russian troops destroyed 55 units of equipment, seized two and damaged 15.

Source: UNIAN

Link: https://www.unian.ua/war/viyna-z-rosiyeyu-vorog-atakuvav-ukrajinskih-ryatuvalnikiv-12-zhertv-novini-donbasu-11734123.html

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