Bells will be rung in the churches of Lviv until the end of the war

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy calls on the whole world to ring the bells in support of Ukraine every day at 6 pm, Kyiv time, and pray together.

Comment: Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy

“Today I appeal to all people of good will, to Patriarch Bartholomew, to the Holy Father Pope Francis, to all people in London, New York, Ottawa in all countries of the world. Every day at 6 pm, Kyiv time,  ring the bells. The world must know the truth. The truth about Ukraine. We need your help today. Today we are fighting for this world. Help us. Glory to Ukraine!”.

Currently, the bells in Lviv will ring for three minutes every day at 6 pm, Kyiv time.

Comment: Metropolitan of Lviv and Sokal PCU Dimitry

“The Church is looking for any way to stop the war in our Ukraine. We are, of course, mobilizing around prayer, especially now that Lent has begun. But we want the people of the world and the authorities of all countries to hear the voice of heaven. Because the bells are the voice of heaven: they call to the temple for prayer, announce an important event and sound the alarm. We believe that these bells, initiated today by the Lviv City Council and Mayor Andriy Sadovy himself, are peace bells that will be heard from Lviv to Kyiv. And I think that there will be a call from Kyiv to around the world to stop this terrible bloody war and the enemy who attacked us treacherously. Although in fact our war has been going on for 8 years, and now it has spread to all parts of Ukraine. We believe that fasting, prayer and bells will stop the enemy. “

Source: Day


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