Polish Sejm has passed a law on support for Ukrainian refugees 

On March 9, the lower house of the Polish Parliament voted for the law on supporting Ukrainian citizens who arrive in Poland due to the full-scale Russian invasion.

439 deputies of the Seimas voted for the adoption of the law, 12 were against, three abstained. The law regulates the issue of legality of the stay of Ukrainian refugees in Poland, as well as providing them comprehensive support. 

The document allows for providing refugees from Ukraine with an identification code (PESEL). An 18-month stay in the country will be considered legal. They can find employment legally and get access to free medical care, and Ukrainian pupils and students will be able to study in schools and universities.

Individuals and organizations which will provide Ukrainian refugees with accommodation and food, financial assistance will be paid at the rate of approximately 1.2 thousand zlotys per month (approximately 85 thousand hryvnias). The assistance will be paid for no longer than 60 days. Besides, refugees will be provided with one-off payment of 300 zloty  (2,1 thousand hryvnias) per person.

In addition, a special fund will be established in the BGK state bank, with which help for Ukraine will be financed. A special reserve will be created in the Polish budget.

The law also strengthens criminal liability for human trafficking and pimping during the war in Ukraine.

Source: New Voice

Link: https://nv.ua/ukr/ukraine/politics/viyna-v-ukrajini-v-polshchi-uhvalili-zakon-pro-pidtrimku-ukrajinskih-bizhenciv-ostanni-novini-50223703.html

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