Russia could launch chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine

Representatives of the West fear that Russia could use unconventional weapons in the war with Ukraine.

Most likely, these are chemical weapons, although the term also includes small-scale nuclear, biological and radiological weapons or so-called dirty bombs.

“We have reasons for concern,” said one Western official, explaining that this had already happened during Russia’s conflicts, especially in Syria, where chemical weapons were used by its allies.

Concerns about chemical weapons have surfaced in the West as Russia has begun to spread disinformation and allegations that Ukraine has allegedly used or is currently developing chemical weapons

Representatives of the West believe that with these statements Russia can prepare a provocative insinuation which will later try to justify the use of such weapons by the Russian military itself.

International humanitarian law prohibits the use of such weapons against any purpose because they are indiscriminate and designed to cause undue trauma and suffering..

Source: BBC


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