YouTube disabled content monetization for Russian users

YouTube video hosting disabled content monetization for Russian users. The restriction concern a number of functions. 

Коментар: Deputy Prime MinisterMinister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov

YouTube has disabled monetization for users in Russia. The imposed restrictions apply to YouTube Premium and Music Premium subscriptions, as well as the sponsorship feature, super stickers and super chat”.

Commentary: YouTube team

This means that YouTube creators will temporarily stop earning revenue from these features in Russia. These changes do not apply to viewers outside of Russia“.

At the beginning of March YouTube temporarily disabled ad serving for Russian users because of the war in Ukraine, but the video creators still could earn money by alternative means – with a monthly YouTube Premium subscription, which enables watching videos without ads, super chats and super stickers, as well as sponsorships. Now these means are also unavailable. 

Source: “The Day”


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