The Estonian Prime Minister welcomed the EU’s green light for Ukraine’s future membership of the union

EU leaders have given Ukraine the green light to move towards EU membership. This conviction was expressed today in Versailles (France) before the start of the second day of the informal European summit by the Prime Minister of Estonia Kaya Kallas.

Comment: Kaya Callas

This is a united signal of support to Ukraine. We have agreed on a clear path for Ukraine to the European Union. It is a technical solution, which means that all legal issues must be respected. But the European Commission has been tasked to move forward in this process, which is very important. This is a green light for Ukraine. It is clear that we must give Ukraine hope in these very dark times. “

She noted that a faster path to membership is unlikely when the country is at war. That is, it takes some time. However, all member states are aware that they will only “benefit” from the presence of a more prosperous and stable Ukraine.

Kaya Kallas paid attention  that EU leaders must be honest with citizens and taxpayers in the face of difficult times ahead, as the war in Ukraine continues and complex energy and security issues arise in the EU itself.

Comment: Kaya Callas

“We will continue to discuss defense and energy. Everything has changed since February 24, and we must return to the basics of how we will cooperate in defense at European level, whether we will buy joint capabilities that are too costly for each country to do. it’s stand-alone… At least 2 percent should be set for defense spending in member states’ budgets.This is important not only for countries that share a border with Russia, but for the whole of Europe.We are stronger when each of our armies is strong “.

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