During the 16 days of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the occupiers killed 79 children

During the 16 days of Russia’s armed aggression in Ukraine, 79 children have already been killed and almost 100 wounded.

“The largest number of victims is in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Sumy, Kherson and Zhytomyr regions. This figure is not final due to the lack of opportunity to inspect the places of attack where the Russian armed forces are conducting active hostilities,” the prosecutor’s office said.

It is reported that more than 280 educational institutions in Ukraine have been destroyed so far, 9 of which have been completely destroyed. 110 educational institutions were damaged in Donetsk region, 28 in Sumy region, and 17 in Kyiv.

More than 10 children’s medical institutions were also damaged.

Source: UNIAN

Link: https://www.unian.ua/war/viyna-v-ukrajini-za-16-dniv-zbroynoji-agresiji-rosiji-v-ukrajini-zaginuli-79-ditey-novini-vtorgnennya-rosiji-v-ukrajinu-11740852.html

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