Lutsk airfield is completely destroyed

After yesterday’s air strike by the Russian occupants  Lutsk airfield has been completely destroyed. The day before, four missiles hit it. 

This was reported by the mayor of the city Ihor Polishchuk.

He said that Lutsk airfield had been rendered unusable on February 24. As of now, it is totally demolished.

Commentary: the mayor of the city Ihor Polishchuk:

«It’s hard to say, what the goal of these air strikes was, since our airfield had been out of order ever since the first shellings on February 24. It was no longer functional. Now the airfield has been finished. It is destroyed.   Fuel depot was hit. It was probably shelled again just to increase panic and fear level among the population».

Polishchuk also added that the residential buildings are located just a few hundred metres away from the airfield, but there are no recommendations from the government for the people who live nearby to relocate, because “there is nothing to finish off”.

Source: New Voice


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