Occupants want to hold a pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region on creation of the “People’s Republic of Kherson”

The Kremlin regime plans to organize a fake referendum on creation of a so called “People’s Republic” on the territory of the temporarily occupied by Armed Forces of Russia Kherson region.

This was reported on Saturday, March 12, by the deputy of the local regional council Serhii Khlan on his Facebook page.

According to him, currently the Russian occupants are calling his colleagues asking them if they are ready to cooperate. 

Commentary: deputy of the local regional council Serhii Khlan:

«Flatly refused. I am addressing all the deputies of Kherson local regional council. Dear colleagues, I am sure that you know the consequences of your decision. Creation of the “KhPR” will turn our region into a hopeless hole without life or future. Don’t give them a single vote! Don’t give them a single opportunity to legitimize “KhPR”! All the country will be looking upon you».

Khlan also adds that there can be no justification for working with the occupants. 

Commentary: депутат місцевої облради Сергій Хлань:

«I will not believe that you will have it worse than the ordinary people of Mariupol, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Hostomel, who have been enduring inhuman suffering for two weeks already but don’t surrender! Enter the history of Ukraine not as traitors, whom no one cares about, but real citizens, whose names will be remembered by generations to come».

Source: New Voice

Link: https://nv.ua/ukr/ukraine/politics/rf-hoche-provesti-feykoviy-referendum-pro-stvorennya-u-hersonskiy-oblasti-hnr-novini-ukrajini-50224427.html

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