Russians shoot 51-year-old journalist The New York Times

The Russian military shot dead a 51-year-old journalist of The New York Times on Sunday, March 13, while filming near Kyiv. Another journalist was injured. This was announced by Kyiv Police Chief Andriy Nebytov.

Russian military has shot dead journalist Brent Renaud, who was filming the evacuation of the population from Irpen.

“The occupiers are cynically killing even journalists in the international media who are trying to show the truth about the atrocities of Russian troops in Ukraine. A 51-year-old correspondent of the world-famous New York Times was shot dead in Irpen today, ” Nebytov said.

Brent Renaud and his brother Craig are well-known TV journalists and authors of a number of documentaries. They have made films from hotspots during the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, earthquakes and other dangerous events around the world. The films of the Renaud brothers have won many world awards.

Another journalist was injured and taken to hospital. The American journalist said that he and Brent Reno were going to the shooting when their car was shot by the russians. He hasn’t known that his colleague died yet.



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