The no-fly zone would not prevent a strike on Yavoriv – the Pentagon

The press secretary of Pentagon John Kirby responded to a missile strike by Russian troops on the Yavoriv test site in the Lviv region, which is twenty kilometers from the border with Poland and the EU and NATO. 

A representative for the US Department of Defense is confident that the no-fly zone would not stop Russia from attacking the test site. The International Center for Peacekeeping and Security in Yavoriv has traditionally been a place of joint exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with foreigners.

Comment: John Kirby

“The no-fly zone sounds beautiful, like the air police. However, I was participating in it when I was a young aircraft officer in the early ’90s. It is a battle. You have to be ready to shoot or to be shot. President Biden has made it clear, that US troops are not going to fight in Ukraine. “ 

However, the press secretary assured that in the event of a Russian attack on a NATO member, the United States would react immediately. Washington is ready to fulfill its commitment to defend allies in the alliance.

Source: Den


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