The shelling damaged the ZNPP power line: the capacity of two power units was reduced

As a result of enemy shelling on March 16, the high-voltage transmission line of ZNPP – Kakhovka 750 kV was damaged, the capacity of two ZNPP power units was reduced.

This was reported by Energoatom in the Telegram.

Thus, of the four high-voltage lines, only one remained operational. As a result, the capacity of the two ZNPP power units was reduced.

The occupiers continue to detonate shells and mines on the territory of the station that did not explode during the shelling, but they do so mostly directly at the place where such ammunition is found. That is, anywhere on the site of the station, – added in “Energoatom”.

The company stated that all six units of the Zaporizhzhya NPP are serviced by Ukrainian personnel, and the changes can be rotated.

Formally, the occupiers do not interfere in the work of nuclear power plants, “but all technical decisions staff are forced to agree with the commander of the invaders.”

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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