In Nova Kakhovka, the occupiers have been torturing City Council Secretary Dmytro Vasyliyev for two days

Секретар Ради Новокаховської об'єднаної територіальної громади-Васильєв Дмитро

The wife of Novaya Kakhovka City Council Secretary Dmitry Vasiliev said on her Facebook page that the Russian occupiers had been illegally detaining and torturing her husband for more than two days.

“Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Vasiliev, Secretary of the Council of the Novokakhovka United Territorial Community, has been captured and held by the Russian occupiers for more than two days in the basement (ITT) of the Nova Kakhovka Police Building, which is used by the occupiers as an office of the so-called commandant’s office. The head of Kherson Regional State Administration Laguta is aware of this happening. Nova Kakhovka’s measures are up to date. Russia’s demands to Vasiliev are to change his sharply negative position towards Russia to loyal ones. A standard set of physical and moral pressure, including elements of torture, is used.” Lyudmila Vasilieva wrote.

It will be reminded that this is not the first abduction of people from leading positions in cities. Russian terrorists kidnapped the mayor of Skadovsk Alexander Yakovlev, the mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov and the secretary of the City Council Yuri Palyukh. The mayor of Skadovsk reported that the occupiers talked to him and released him. The mayor of Melitopol was also released from captivity, which lasted six days.

Source: UNIAN


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