We will pass “hello” to the Kremlin, – the MEP declared that there will be a 5th package of sanctions of the EU

The European Union is ready to send a fifth “hello” to Russia in the form of sanctions over aggression in Ukraine. Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevicius said the EU was preparing a new package.

“Work is underway. I think there will be both 5 and 6 packages. We will say hello to the Kremlin with this attitude. There are loopholes that are not closed. In particular, with Belarus, which is an accomplice in the aggression and helps the Kremlin,” Austrevicius said.

EU to close missed holes

He noted that such “holes” will be closed by the next packages. The list of non-exit, sanctioned and people with closed accounts will increase.

“We have not done everything yet, although the 4th package has already panicked everyone in Russia. See what’s going on there. Wait, comrades, 5 more packages – then we’ll talk, “- said Austrevicius.

Source: Channel 24

Link: https://24tv.ua/peredamo-privit-kremlyu-yevroparlamentar-zayaviv-shho-bude-5_n1911066

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