Russian troops completely destroy village in Zhytomyr region

Russian troops have completely destroyed the village Pryvar, in the Ovruch community in the Zhytomyr region, by firing on it from a helicopter.

Source: Ovruch City Council

Comment: Ovruch City Council:

“Today, at 10:00, the village of Pryvar in the Ovruch community was fired on from a helicopter. The village was completely destroyed.

There are no casualties, as the villagers hid in basements.”

In addition, at 10:05 AM, 10 private houses were damaged in a rocket attack in the Rakivshchyna Starostynsky district. Windows were broken and slate was torn from roofs. No one was killed or injured.

It is also reported that on 18 March at 10:00, and on 19 March at 10:05 two missile strikes were carried out in the Velykofosnyansky Starostynsky district. No injuries have been reported.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

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