The occupiers killed two civilians who were delivering water to people in Chernihiv


The Russian military, using artillery shelling, killed two people who were transporting drinking water to residents in Chernihiv.

Comment: an eyewitness who did not give his name and surname:

“Cvilians just went for water. It was picked up and delivered to people. We took the two victims directly to the place where they will be buried. Another two were rescued. One boy was taken to calm down because his father was there and, unfortunately, he died. It was up to me to help. I will not tell how exactly people were affected, but very much so.”

An eyewitness said that Russian shell hit a truck, causing it to go off the road. He also notes that constant shelling has been going on in the area where the incident took place for the last 2 days.

Source: Suspilne


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