In Bucha, the occupier shot a father in front of his son – the boy miraculously survived

The Russian occupier ruthlessly killed the father of a large family in front of his 14-year-old son. The man warned that he had no weapons, but that did not stop the enemy soldier.

Comment: son of the deceased Yuri:

“We were riding bicycles when a Russian soldier came out of the house. We stopped, raised our hands, said we had no weapons. But the soldier started shooting at father. He fell.

Then the military started firing at me, two bullets hit my hand. I fell to the ground. The soldier still shot in a hood, but the bullet didn’t hit a head “

According to the boy, he lay on the ground for several minutes after the occupier tried to kill him. When he left, Yuri ran to the nearest shelter. It turned out to be a local kindergarten. There the child was given first aid.

After that, the boy got home and told his mother and two brothers about his father’s murder.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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