Kremlin insists it is not killing Ukrainian civilians but “helping” them

Details: Peskov said he “does not believe” the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office with regard to their information that the Russians are killing civilians.

He came up with another story about “Ukrainian nationalists” using civilians in cities as “human shields”.

As proof, Putin is guided by the “testimony” of Ukrainians who have been abducted to Russia.

Why it matters: The whole world can see that the Russians are deliberately shooting at civilians. There are dozens, in fact hundreds, of pieces of evidence of the invaders targeting people, children and residential areas.

For example, Russian troops machine-gunned two cars with civilians inside.

The Russian invading forces have killed 121 children over the 28 days of the war.

In the city of Kreminna, the occupiers shot at a nursing home from a tank at point-blank range, killing 56 people.

Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in central Kyiv reported that one child was killed and two children and two adults were wounded as a result of Russian artillery fire.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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