The Russians fired on 58 ambulances and killed six medics

Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said on his Facebook page that the Russian occupiers fired on 58 ambulances and killed six Ukrainian medics.

Comment: Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko

“The war changed the lives of each of us. The war changed everything: plans, priorities, thoughts. I never thought we would get bulletproof vests for medical workers. But because of the actions of terrorists from Russia who have already fired on 58 ambulances and killed 6 of our colleagues , we have to do it too, “he said.

Lyashko added that today the first batch of bulletproof vests was handed over to emergency medical workers, who, despite everything, are rescuing Ukrainians on the border of the zone of active hostilities.

It will be recalled that between February 24 and March 21, Russian terrorists carried out 52 attacks on hospitals and medics.

Source: UNIAN


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