Russian propagandists were brought to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and they are making fake movies


On March 24, a group of Russian propagandists arrived at the occupied Chernobyl nuclear power plant to make a new fake “movie” about the station. Energoatom and SNRCU reported this in its Telegram. 

Comment: Energoatom state enterprise:

“On March 24, a “fresh” group of racist propagandists arrived at the Russian-occupied Chernobyl nuclear power plant to make another fake “movie” about the station’s operation. In this way, the invaders want to convince the IAEA of the “normality” of nuclear terrorism and hide the real state of affairs with radiation leaks and environmental pollution.”

At the same time, the SNRCU reports that an unexploded projectile of the Tornado multiple rocket launcher was found on the territory of the nuclear launcher of the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology “Source of Neutrons”. 

In addition, hostilities are constantly taking place in the area where the “Source of Neutrons” is located.

The unexploded “Tornado” was found on the industrial site of Neutron Source Facility on March 23. The SNRCU noted that this poses a potential danger of a new explosion in the immediate vicinity of the nuclear installation. 

The staff reported the explosive find to the relevant services. However, it is currently impossible to neutralize “Tornado” due to constant fighting in site of Neutron Source Facility “Source of Neutrons”. 

The SNRCU emphasized that the “Neutron Source”, like any other nuclear installation, is not designed to operate in combat. Continued bombing or shelling could lead to severe radiation effects and contamination of the surrounding area.

Source: Ukrainska pravda


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