Chernihiv region: Russians kidnap community leader and businessman

Чернігів_викрали людей

The Russian occupiers have kidnapped two people in the Snovsk municipality of the Chernihiv region: the head of the Snov territorial community, Olexandr Medvediov, and businessman and former regional council deputy Grigory Bozhko. This information was confirmed to “Suspilne”  by the head of the Koryukivka district military administration Ivan Vashchenko. 

According to him, the occupiers arrived on the morning of 25 March.

Preliminary information is that they are being transported in the direction of the town of Horodna. The intentions and purpose of the occupiers is not yet clear.

This is not the first case of kidnapping by Russian occupiers in the Chernihiv region.

The head of the village of Gremyach in Novgorod-Siversky district was abducted by Russian soldiers on 20 March.. 

Also in the village of Andriyivka in the Mykhailo-Kotsyubyn district, the occupiers detained the village head Mykola Budalovsky and Tetyana Bezlyudna, a member of the local government and a school principal.

In the village of Nova Basan, the abduction of two local government officials has also been reported.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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