26 March: Russia launched 70 missiles but only 8 reached Ukraine – The Insider

According to The Insider, on 26 March Russian forces launched at least 70 missiles directed at Ukrainian territory, most of which were shot down by the Ukrainian defence.

Details: According to sources cited by journalists at the Russian news outlet The Insider, at one point Russia launched 52 missiles from ships in its Black Sea fleet during a raid near Sevastopol, and at least 18 from the territory of Belarus at Ukrainian territory.

The Insider reports that this is a record number of missiles launched by Russia at any one time.

The Ukrainian air defence system shot down most of the missiles – only 8 of them reached their targets, the rest were intercepted and destroyed.

Sources also state that Russia launched some of the missiles from a locale near the Belarus-Poland border at the time when President of the United States Joe Biden was in Warsaw on an official visit.

The Insider estimates that the production cost of these missiles is between $340 million – $500 million, including their transportation to the Black Sea ships.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

Link: https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/03/27/7335033/

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