Romania and Turkey have found mines near their shores in the Black Sea

A drifting sea mine was found near the coast of Romania on the morning of March 28. This was reported in the publication Digi24 with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Romania. The Turkish Ministry of Defense also announced the discovery of a mine in the Black Sea. It was near the border with Bulgaria close by the city of Ineada. 

Sailors from the fishing vessel “Olympus-1” spotted a mine near Romania close by Capu Midia.  The naval forces authorities then ordered a search operation in the area. 

We remind you that the Russian army mined the sea routes from the Bosphorus to Odessa and claims that these are Ukrainian mines. Andriy Klymenko, project manager at the Black Sea Institute for Strategic Studies, claims that this is another misinformation of Russian troops. 

Source: Ukrainska pravda


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