More than 350 people have died in Chernihiv since the beginning of the war


In Chernihiv, 350-400 people died during the war, 30-40 wounded were hospitalized every day, and the city continues to be shelled. This was announced by Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko on the national telethon.

Comment: Chernihiv Mayor Vladislav Atroshenko:

“We have already killed 350 people in the city. This is not the final data. We have now reappointed the head of the regional health department, I hope there will be more detailed figures. I think this figure is already about 400 people. Half of these people I personally I know it’s very difficult to endure. “

Vladislav also noted that more than 400 wounded are in two hospitals in the city, and almost 40 wounded, most of them civilians, come to medical facilities every day after the shelling.

It will be recalled that Chernihiv is a humanitarian catastrophe, the city has no electricity or water supply.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda


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