The number of uninhabitable houses was estimated in Kharkiv


Russian troops destroyed more than 1,500 houses in Kharkiv, most of them apartment buildings. According to the mayor’s office, 15% of the housing stock has completely failed.

This information was announced by Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov on the national telethon on Thursday, March 31, Ukrinform reports.

Comment: Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov:

“In 35 days, a total of 1,531 facilities were destroyed in Kharkiv, including 1,292 residential buildings. The Russian army destroyed 76 schools, 54 kindergartens and 16 hospitals. There are 239 administrative buildings in ruins. “

According to him, the Russian army destroyed 15% of residential buildings in the city. Also, according to the prosecutor’s office, 1 school and 3 kindergartens in Kharkiv were completely destroyed, 78 schools, 61 kindergartens and 3 out-of-school educational institutions were damaged.

Source: New Voice 


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