The Verkhovna Rada recognized Russia as a terrorist state and banned its symbols

On Friday, April 1, the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading supported the ban on the use of symbols of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine – the letters “Z” and “V”.

311 people’s deputies voted in favor of the bill “7214” on the ban on propaganda of the Russian neo-Nazi totalitarian regime, the act of aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation as a terrorist state, symbols used by armed and other military formations of the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine.

This draft law proposes to establish criminal liability for the use of the letters “Z” and “V” without a legitimate context or in the context of justifying aggression against Ukraine.

In particular, this symbol is prohibited from use in advertising on television, radio and the Internet, in films, programs and video blogs created after February 24, 2022.

This ban does not apply to works condemning Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine and media materials that do not create a positive image of Russia. The initiators of the bill also propose to recognize Russia as a terrorist state.

Source: Media Detector


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