The occupiers carried out a massive shelling of Energodar during a rally in Ukraine


According to the Energodar telegram channel, today, April 2, the russian occupiers fired on people at a peaceful rally in support of Ukraine. It happened in the city of Energodar.

Comment: Telegram channel “Energodar”

“They sang the anthem and talked to each other. This was observed by the nazi occupiers,” the statement said.

It is known that when people started to disperse, paddy wagons approached. Terrorists began to detain locals, and then the shelling began.

Minutes later, explosions and massive shelling were reported. The next step for the russian military was to cut off communications in the city.

It is currently known that several people were hospitalized with injuries and severe burns. The exact number of injured in the explosions is being determined.

Source: UNIAN


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