In Irpin, russians killed women and girls and drove tanks over their bodies

The bodies of dead women and girls were found in Irpin, Kyiv region. The occupiers shot Ukrainian women and then drove over their bodies in tanks. 

The mayor of the city Olexander Markushyn told about it, reports DW.

Many residents of the village died as a result of shelling by the troops of the aggressor country. Twenty kilometers from Kyiv, dead naked women were found under a blanket on the side of the road, whom the russian occupiers tried to burn on car tires. 

Comment: Mayor of Irpin Olexander Markushyn:

“A lot of people died from their mines, from artillery shelling. Many people were shot by ruscists. On Pushkinskaya and Lermontova streets, they shot girls and women. Then they rode in tanks. “

Source: New Voice 


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