18 journalists have been killed and dozens wounded and abducted in Ukraine since the beginning of the war

During the 40 days of the war, the enemy killed 18 members of the media, including 15 men and three women. 

At the same time, eight people (four men and four women) were abducted and three journalists are missing. Also, according to the UCP, 13 members of the media were injured and 15 were intimidated by the occupiers. 

At the same time, the russian occupiers are killing, kidnapping and intimidating not only Ukrainian journalists. Among the injured and killed are 19 media representatives from other countries: Great Britain – 5, Czech Republic – 2, USA – 2, Denmark – 2, UAE – 2, russia – 2, Ireland – 1, Switzerland – 1, France – 1, Lithuania – 1. 

Source: Ukrainian Pravda

Link: https://life.pravda.com.ua/society/2022/04/4/248098/

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