Police found a torture chamber in the children’s sanatorium Bucha

Катівня на Київщині

In the Kyiv region, prosecutors found a special place in Bucha where russians tortured civilians. This was announced on April 4 by the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office. 

The torture chamber was located in the basement of one of the children’s sanatoriums. 

“Under the procedural guidance of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office and the Kyiv District Prosecutor’s Office, criminal proceedings are being investigated for violating the laws and customs of war (Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine),” the statement said.

 It is noted that in the basement of one of the children’s sanatoriums, law enforcement officers found the bodies of five men with their hands tied. Soldiers of the russian armed forces tortured and killed unarmed civilians. 

“Prosecutors and police officers are working at the crime scene. Every effort is being made to establish the circumstances of each war crime and those involved in the russian aggression in order to bring them to justice,” the prosecutor’s office added. 

Source: Suspilne

Link: https://suspilne.media/225189-pravoohoronci-viavili-kativnu-u-ditacomu-sanatorii-buci/

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