All adult animals will be put to sleep in the Kharkiv Ecopark due to shelling by occupiers


Oleksandr Feldman, the founder of the Kharkiv Ecopark, said that due to the shelling of russian troops, the park was destroyed. Large animals will be put to sleep because there is no possibility to evacuate or transport them.

Quote: “There is no more Ecopark. After yesterday’s shelling, I can say that the park has been almost completely destroyed.

Animal cages have been destroyed, all the infrastructure has been destroyed, but tigers and lions have miraculously survived. Their cages have been badly damaged, and they can go outside at any moment.

The building where the bears live is in terrible condition. Today we will have to make a decision. We have until the evening to decide either to kill each one, put them to sleep, or to move them.

There is no other place where we could take them. If we come up with an idea, maybe we can save some of them, maybe the young jaguars or panthers. But all adult animals are likely to be put down.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda 


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