Almost 90% of those killed in Bucha were shot dead – the mayor

As of April 6, 320 civilians were killed.

Almost 90% of those killed in Bucha, Kyiv region, suffered bullet wounds instead of shrapnel wounds.

The mayor of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk told about it in interview to DW.

In Bucha, 112 private houses were completely destroyed, and 18 apartment buildings were severely damaged by artillery and burned. As of April 6, 320 civilians were killed.

According to Fedoruk, the number of bodies found is growing every day. The dead are found in private houses, parks, squares, where people were buried when there was no shelling.

Several places with mass burials were found. One of them is on the territory of Ukragropostav enterprise.

There, the Russian occupiers stacked people’s bodies almost like firewood, with their hands tied,” Fedoruk said.

In addition, mass graves were found on Vokzalna, Yablonska streets and on the territory of the Promenisty children’s camp.

Fedoruk noted that after counting the names of the dead citizens of the Bucha community and from neighboring communities will be made public. Law enforcement agencies are working on the lists.

Source: UNIAN


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