Russians shell Kharkiv region 48 times: many casualties


In the past 24 hours, Russian invaders have shelled the city and region of Kharkiv 48 times with artillery, mortars, tanks and MLRS, resulting in 15 casualties.

Source: Oleh Sinehubov, head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, on Telegram:

“In the past 24 hours, Russian invading troops have launched some 48 strikes using artillery, mortars, tanks and MLRS in the areas of Saltivka, Piatykhatka, Oleksiivka, the city centre and Dergachi. As of today, there are 15 casualties in Kharkiv and the region”.

The invaders also significantly damaged a gas pipeline during the night. Emergency teams are now working at the site, attempting to deal with the aftermath.

There is continued fighting on the Izyum front. Evacuations also continue in the area, particularly from Barvinkove and Lozova.

Source: Ukrainian Pravda 


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